Friday, September 24, 2010

here comes another one

The Crazy Lady Next Door: christmas 1995

I stared as she trudged through the yard,
a tree planted over her far shoulder,
the wind fighting for tinsel and scarf.
She dropped the ornament by an old elm
and knelt to cover everything green
beneath the fallen snow. It was all there:
the colored glass balls, ceramic angels
forever posed in youth and wisdom,
a tarnished star still clinging to the top.
After finishing, she recited several words,
pulled a dry lilly from beneath her coat,
and tossed it over the new winter grave.
That spring, the tree remained untouched,
and the branches had begun to bear rust.


  1. The beginning of beginning again is always tough, but this poem is the beginning of something really good.

    Btw, I'm doing well. I'm at home with the parents until I have enough money saved up to move out. I have a job in Menomonie (nothing to do with writing or my future career as a writer at all...but it pays and it's a really good company). Anyway, yeah. How are you?

  2. That was cool - thanks for it.